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goal setting resilience confidence consistency harnessing  the power of sport psychology in creating a balanced life

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"Thank you so much for organising Peter to come out and speak to our students. He has been one of the highlights of the year so far! I had fantastic feedback from both staff and students about his talk. He was really engaging and had a fantastic way with the students. He was a great speaker!"
Virginia Watson, Ringwood Secondary College

How I Can Help You

"I learnt a lot on my journey to where I am today. And now it’s time that I share them with you."

From Peter’s first school workshop at the age of 18 to over 200 students about health & well-being, today he continues with his journey and passion to help people with goal setting, well-being, resilience, consistency, productivity. He has delivered over 200 workshops hosted by businesses, schools and universities for thousands of students and professionals.

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Peter's Achievements


WA Young Australian of the Year

Herb Elliot Award

Peter Norman Humanitarian Award


On the Global Stage


Commonwealth Games

2022 Commonwealth Games

Silver Medallist


Tokyo Olympics

2021 Tokyo Olympics

Broke Oceania & Australian Record Twice (1:44.13, then 1:44.11)


Paris Diamond League

2022 Paris Diamond League

Oceania & Australian Record Broken Again - 1:44:00 (Current Personal Best)


  • Self Development

    Mentoring & Coaching

    Are you struggling to with the ever growing pressure to perform or are you frustrated with goal setting, productivity and consistency? Get personalised training from Peter Bol. Get virtual or face-to-face personalised training from an Olympic Athlete.

  • Host Peter at your next Event

    Speaking Engagement

    Invite Peter Bol as a keynote speaker to inspire your audience with his inspirational stories from being a refugee to his journey to the Olympic Games in 2016 & 2020. He talks about goal setting, confidence & how the power of sports psychology can be utilised in your daily life. Peter conducts these sessions physically as well as virtually.

  • Light up your next Conference

    Corporate Events & Workshops

    Invite Peter Bol for corporate workshops and see exactly what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive climate. He talks about the techniques anyone can use to consistently perform at a high level of cognitive and physical functioning. See exactly what it takes for someone to go from being the average joe to putting in years and years of hard work to break records and become an award winning global athlete.

Popular workshops by Peter

Sport & Life

Peter shares his overall journey with sports & life, focusing on building a solid foundation for success in sports, in the

Topics Touched In Workshop:

  • Adversity in sports & life: How to overcome world’s biggest obstacle
  • How to recognize opportunities and build your support team
  • The transformation power of sport
  • The power of the mind

 Balance – Sport, life and Education – Q & A

classroom or, in life.

The Olympic Games + Q & A

Peter shares his journey to the Olympic Games in 2016 & 2020 and his experiences when representing Australia at the global stage.

Topics Touched In Workshop:

  • The Preparation of an Olympian– On and off Track
  • Insight into training physical and mental
  • The impact of Covid-19
  • Open Q&A to Audience

Peter in Action

Requested Videos from Peter

"Peter has a fantastic story to share along with a great personality and charisma that his audience is drawn towards. Coming to Australia as a refugee, Peter demonstrates resilience and overcoming adversity. Everyone can learn something from his story, I would highly recommend him as your next guest speaker." Camilla Blands, Victorian Institute of Sports



What’s my clients say

❝ Honestly Peter was awesome. He was so good. Peter is just so human, had to work hard and nothing was handed to him. We got all the right messages. Thank you so much. ❞

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"Peter was very authentic and the attendees were really inspired, taking away some great insights. His openness to sharing his journey was very much appreciated. "

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