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"My purpose is to make the world a more inclusive place for individuals, by participating in initiatives that focus on diversity, inclusion and strengths recognition."

Peter’s Journey​

Originally born in Sudan, Peter’s journey has taken him from never even training for a track event to his hidden talent emerging at the age of 17 at a high school in Perth and eventually representing Australia at 2 Olympic Games and multiple other international events. Today, Peter is an accomplished middle distance runner who holds the current national 800m record and in 2021, he became the first Australian athlete in 53 years to make it to the 800m final at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

1:44.11 (2021)


Australia - 0 m
800m RACES UNDER 1.45

Peter's Achievements


WA Young Australian of the Year

Herb Elliot Award

Peter Norman Humanitarian Award


On the Global Stage


Commonwealth Games

2022 Commonwealth Games

Silver Medallist


Tokyo Olympics

2021 Tokyo Olympics

Broke Oceania & Australian Record Twice (1:44.13, then 1:44.11)


Paris Diamond League

2022 Paris Diamond League

Oceania & Australian Record Broken Again - 1:44:00 (Current Personal Best)
How Peter Can Help You
My Mission is to help people explore their best potential & inspire them to achieve to the best of their ability, whether it is in sport, work, academics, or personal life. I want to give back to the community for all the support I have received along the way and help professionals, businesses, employees and students move toward their goals, keep improving and most importantly, live a happy life.


Mentoring & Coaching

Are you struggling to with the ever growing pressure to perform or are you frustrated with goal setting, productivity and consistency? Get personalised training from Peter Bol. Get virtual or face-to-face personalised training from an Olympic Athlete.
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Speaking engagement

Invite Peter Bol as a keynote speaker to inspire your audience with his inspirational stories from being a refugee to his journey to the Olympic Games in 2016 & 2020. He talks about goal setting, confidence & how the power of sports psychology can be utilised in your daily life. Peter conducts these sessions physically as well as virtually.
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Corporate Events & Workshops

Invite Peter Bol for corporate workshops and see exactly what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive climate. He talks about the techniques anyone can use to consistently perform at a high level of cognitive and physical functioning. See exactly what it takes for someone to go from being the average joe to putting in years and years of hard work to break records and become an award winning global athlete.
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Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Telstra


    ❝ Honestly Peter was awesome. He was so good. Peter is just so human, had to work hard and nothing was handed to him. We got all the right messages. Thank you so much. ❞

  • Tracy Tucker

    Tracy Tucker

    ❝ We were privileged to have Peter as guest speaker at our end of year celebration function. Peter captivated our audience with his inspirational story and words of wisdom. His sense of humor and valuable life lessons motivated all in the room to use his 4 tools to reach one’s goals. We look forward to having you speak to us again! ❞

  • Virginia Watson

    Virginia Watson

    ❝ Thank you so much for organising Peter to come out and speak to our students. He has been one of the highlights of the year so far! I had fantastic feedback from both staff and students about his talk. He was really engaging and had a fantastic way with the students. I would love to organise Peter to come out to Ringwood again in 2020. He was a great speaker! ❞

  • Camilla Blands

    Camilla Blands

    ❝ Peter Bol has been involved with the Victorian Institute of Sport’s (VIS) Community Programs from 2016 to 2020 and during that period has been one of the most popular speakers and VIS facility tour guides.
    Peter has a fantastic story to share along with a great personality and charisma that his audience is drawn towards. He has a way of relating to all the groups he has worked with here at the VIS, from primary school students, secondary students to international university students or corporations. It doesn’t matter what group he speaks to, he has a way of connecting with them.
    Since joining the VIS Community Programs in 2016, he has grown in confidence and competence, to the stage where he was able to host the VIS TV sessions at our Awards of Excellence.
    Coming to Australia as a refugee from South Sudan, Peter demonstrates resilience and overcoming adversity. Everyone can learn something from his story and I would definitely   recommend him as your next guest speaker.❞

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